I work in publishing, and I have a Y chromosome. This is my life.


There’s plenty that can be said of the 9-5 experience; a communal shared energy slump, the history of labor law, rejection of the concept on its face, the interconnected economies of coffee shops, offices, public (and private transportation), etc. Thankfully, because it’s Friday, we won’t be discussing any of that shit.

If you’re like me, you regularly wake up like this:


And commute like this:


But the key to any successful workday begins in the home. I’m a proponent of eating breakfast and pounding my coffee while still in bed and still in sleepwear.


And once I’m packed and suited up, I don’t take my earphones off until I hit my cubicle.


What about you guys? What’s your key to a successful, or at least survivable, morning?

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  3. abreathoffresherica answered: Wearing a kickass lip color, listening and laughing at my favorite podcast on the train, and a cup of coffee all make NYC mornings doable.
  4. youlookterrible answered: Tea. Tea tea tea tea, tea tea. Tea? Tea.
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    I’m a professional snooze-button sleeper: After about 4 hits, it’s off to get ready: Followed by 20 minutes of web...
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    My company is based in NY but my office isn’t there. But, I work on NY time. I wake up sort of like: Then I’m showered,...
  9. neveranygoodupthere answered: So much red bull
  10. kbfreeman answered: Caffeine and audiobooks.
  11. literallypuzzled answered: Coffee. As much of it as I can drink whenever I can drink it. And Coke Zero if there is no coffee
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  14. ultracheese said: Also I may not give the best impression, putting ‘yet’ in a sentence twice like an idiot. The train thing still helps though.
  15. ultracheese answered: I’m a novelist who has not yet managed to throw off his day job quite yet. So I write on the train…all 3 hours a day of it. Helps a lot.
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